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[Vídeo] Waging war on the status quo. Rap anarquista desde las calles de Zimbabue

Biko MC, también conocido como Stephen Mutsaurwa Chisuvi, es un poeta, músico y anarquista de Zimbabue que ha iniciado una guerra con sus palabras contra el status quo en su país.


I don’t battle MCs, I battle with the government,
kidnap the MPs and burn down the parliament,
my punchlines will overthrow the president,
I'm a bulldozer going through impediments,
transfer the power from the state to the residents,
bomb cop stations and destroy all the evidence,
this bourgeois democracy is just another pestilence,
these are not my views, but the working class sentiment,
I express myself in spite of the censorship,
I'm a war veteran fighting the dictatorship,
my thoughts are anarchy, my words are hardcore,
disturbing the peace, waging war on the status quo,
cause I'm the anti capitalistic, anarchistic, activist gone ballistic,
anti capitalistic, anarchistic, activist gone ballistic.

A Bhobho lion, Babylon won't give me a visa,
cause I’m a Toyi toyi teacher and a pro-Zapatista,
Anti-capitalista, I’m the counter-culture,
I'm rooted in the spirit like a Shona sculpture,
I refuse to lose, used, fused to propaganda,
X on the ballot so we struggle no longer,
the shit-stem keeps on coming on stronger,
Uncle Bob, Uncle Sam or another Uncle Tom,
we remain the same, poor and unemployed,
a black president or a female head of state,
another window dresser seals the working class fate,
the democratic right to chose a new slave-master,
these are cosmetic changes to make the slave work faster,
so until the power is in the hands of the people,
I’ll be in the streets chanting change.
Still a rebel.

Tags: vídeomúsicastatus quorapanarquistaZimbabue
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